Total Building Cx
Building Envelope Cx
LEED Fundamental Cx
LEED Enhanced Cx
Energy Audits
Construction Oversight, Management, & Progress Rpts.
Long Term Maintenance Planning
Building Envelope
Envelope Testing/Inspections
USACE Compliant Air Barrier Testing/Inspections
Roof Inspections/Testing
LEED Indoor Air Quality Testing
Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
Infrared Thermography
Water/Air Intrusion Investigations
Environment & Technology
Phase I & II ESA
Lead Based Paint Survey
Asbestos Survey
Wetlands Delineation
NEPA Assessments
Infrared Thermography
Structural Mapping
Utility Mapping
Noise & Vibration Monitoring


Building Diagnostics & Property Science (BD&PS) has always been on the cutting edge of new technology and testing methods that can save our clients time and money. Taking advantage of the latest innovations allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and positions us to provide unique and exclusive services.

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