Owner: GSA
Point of Contact: Mike Robison, Phone: 662-562-3438
Project Completion: 2012
Commissioning Fees: $$81,500
Project Team: Josh Bhate, John Benedict, Keith Lambert, & Marc Langlois
Project Involvement of BD&PS Project Team:
Systems and Components Cx, Specification Writing, Design Review, Commissioning Plan Development, Pre-Functional Checklist Review, Oversee Functional Testing, Identifying Deficiencies, Troubleshooting Deficiencies, Project Management, O&M Manual Review, Systems Training Scheduling and Oversight.
Project Information:
The project is a 76,000SF existing building renovation and addition with student union, post office, bookstore, offices, dance studio, and gymnasium. The systems commissioned include HVAC, Controls, Electrical Systems, Sprinkler System, and Building Envelope.
Architect: Architectural & Engineering Resources for Construction
General Contractor:

Systems Commissioned by BD&PS:
  • HVAC
  • Controls
  • Electrical Systems
  • Building Envelope

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