United States Navy Construction Battalion
Gulfport, Mississippi

Owner: GSA
Point of Contact: Shane Langley, W.G. Yates Construction
Project Completion: 2012
Commissioning Fees: $$24,148
Project Team: Josh Bhate, James Poole, John Benedict & Rob Mayo
Project Involvement of BD&PS Project Team:
Commissioning Project Management, Design Review, Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning of HVAC, DDC Controls for LEED Silver Rating. Commissioning Process Scheduling, Pre-Functional Checklist Review, Oversee Functional Testing, Identifying Deficiencies, Troubleshooting Deficiencies, O&M Manual Review, Systems Training Scheduling and Oversight.
Project Information:
The project is a two story, 50 guest room lodging facility. The guest rooms range from single efficiency rooms to extended stay multi-room suites. The lodge encompasses 43,400 square feet. The project's designer is Bullock Tice Associates of Pensacola, Florida. The contractor is Biloxi-based W.G Yates Construction. The addition is expected to open in August 2012.
Architect: Bullock Tice Associates
General Contractor: W.G. Yates Construction

Systems Commissioned by BD&PS:
  • HVAC
  • EMS Controls
  • Heat Recovery Hot Water System

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